FAQs about Homecare


Home Care FAQs

  1. Why Home Care?
  2. Why must I sign a contract?
  3. What makes CareCo better than other Home Care providers?
  4. If my caregiver calls out, will you be able to cover the shift?
  5. Is CareCo Shoreline, Inc. insured?
  6. How quickly are we able to begin services?
  7. Are your caregivers employees?

Why Home Care?

We all feel the best when we are in our own surroundings. Our memories are there.

Why must I sign a contract?

Home care companies are required to be registered by the CT Department of Consumer Protection. Our registration number is 0000339. The Department of Consumer Protection requires all clients of home care companies to have a contract in place to protect them and make sure that the agreement between client and provider is understood.

What makes CareCo better than other Home Care providers?

We have field supervisors and coordinators that work one-on-one with families and provide support. We have comprehensive orientations for our employees that includes drug screening and in-depth background-checks.
Our sister company “CareCo Medical, Inc. provides nursing “CareCo Medical, Inc.” which provides nursing, PT, OT and therapy that works in partnership with CareCo Shoreline, Inc. The third branch of our organization, CareCo Cognitive, is a non-profit that partners with the United Way and their food bank program. CareCo Cognitive also provides free art programs to different facilities.All our clients are eligible for food assistance and to participate in many of our ongoing programs.

If my caregiver calls out, will you be able to cover the shift?

Yes. We have qualified caregivers that work in our office and are available at a moment’s notice. We generally have a respite aide available for each case.

Is CareCo Shoreline, Inc. insured?

Yes. Our employees are covered and bonded by Workers Compensation. We also have a generally and professional liability insurance policy.

How quickly are we able to begin service?

Instantly. In the unfortunate event of an emergency CareCo Shoreline, Inc is able to provide an experienced caregiver in just a few hours although 24 hours is ideal. The more notice we have, the more time we have to find an appropriate match for you and your family.

Are your caregivers employees?

Yes. Our caregivers are employees. We do not employ independent contractors. Our caregivers are part of our team. They go to our orientation and abide by our policies and dress code. If you have a problem with the caregiver we provide, we will replaced or retrained. We take every necessary measure to ensure our caregivers provide the quality of care that our clients require.

FAQs about Homecare

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