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Maintaing Professional Boundries in a Family Atmosphere

The goal at CareCo is to provide its clients and their families help and support for both a physically and emotionally healthy environment.

A Family Alliance is formed in this process. Many times CareCo serves as the primary caregiver or assistant to the family as part of a group effort designed to improve everyone’s quality of life. Professional boundaries are essential to maintaining this goal and alliance. Every Caregiver of Careco Shoreline Inc., has a required uniform or dress code.

These uniforms help to protect the client and family’s comfort level and sense of safety and to ensure the client’s best interests always remain the highest priority. Client’s more easily identify with this distinction and have less confusion, shame, selfdoubt, guilt, anger, sadness and mistrust.

Good communication skills and professionalism are important and go a long way in helping to avoid “boundary” problems. CareCo professionalism standards are part a comprehensive strategy to promote and maintain a safe environment with proper quality care in a professional, legal and ethical manner. To fulfi ll its mission of the highest quality care, each individual of CareCo has been entrusted with the responsibility to provide clients and their families with the highest level of professional service and quality care and they provide these services with pride.

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